Do even more with ICON 100CS


What’s mosquito control worth to your business?

The long, hot days of summer are finally at our doorstep, which means the mosquito season is upon us.

As urban pests, mosquitoes cause significant headaches for commercial businesses and residents alike – not to mention the health risk they pose as carriers of diseases such as dengeu fever and malaria.

When the problem becomes too hard to solve with a dose of citronella, many start searching the market for an effective solution. For managers of public spaces – for example, councils in charge of amenities and landscaped public areas – the need to eradicate mosquitoes is even greater. Pest managers who can offer high quality, long-lasting control are worth their weight in gold.

The value of insecticide treatments

Including a barrier insecticide as part of your control program is ideal, given mosquitoes like to rest in shaded areas created by ornamental plants and outdoor furniture.

One highly effective treatment on the market is ICON 100CS, Syngenta’s residual barrier insecticide spray.

ICON 100CS can be used on hard surfaces, outdoor furniture, under decks and in plant pots.  

ICON 100CS wide range of uses has two benefits: it can improve your service to existing customers, and it can help you grow new business – whether it’s homes, residential complexes, council-owned parks, or restaurants with alfresco dining.

Technology brings increased residual properties

Another crucial factor in any mosquito control program is its residual properties: how long it delivers results.

Syngenta uses iCap technology to extend ICON 100CS residual effect. iCap packages ICON 100CS active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, in dual-walled, multi-sized microcaps. When a surface is treated, more than 64,000 microcaps per square metre stick to the treated surface. As insects land, the microcaps attach to their waxy cuticles and spread to other insects. The smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly, resulting in fast knockdown. The larger microcaps remain intact longer, releasing the active ingredient for up to 90 days. This is what gives ICON 100CS its long-lasting effect. If used correctly, you can control mosquitoes and other insect pests with reapplication intervals of no more than 10 weeks.

These qualities – a wider range of uses that includes ornamental foliage and long-lasting results – make ICON 100CS an ideal solution to the problem of mosquitoes. Your customers will be able to enjoy their summer and get on with life uninterrupted, while you build a pest control business that is known for delivering results.