Storage Pest

One of the main factors that reduce commodities yield are storage pest infestation in the warehouse. Storage pest reduce the products / agricultural commodities both in quality and quantity.
The common pest storage in Indonesia are:
  • Sitophilus orizae
  • Tribolium sp.
  • Lasioderma serricorne
  • Necrobia rufipes
  • Callosobruchus chinesis 


  • The commodities could be damaged both in quality and quantity as a result of the pest infestation
  • Contaminating commodities through the excretions and the shedding of skin
  • Damage the packaging, storage pests will make holes in the packaging as entry points
  • Make the commodities mouldy. Insect activity can produce moist conditions that are favorable for fungus


  • Sanitation is the key to preventing the pest infestation
  • Maintain the temperature and humidity in the storage warehouse
  • Apply residual insecticides on building structure
  • Treat the stacking sacks with low residue insecticide, such as ActellicPro 500EC
  • Use good material packaging which are not accessible for insect and use packaging that has been treated with desinfectant