Darkling Beetle

Pest infestation in poultry farms can cause financial losses because it can dramatically reduce the livestock's nutrition, which has a negative impact to meat and egg productivity. Darkling beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus) is the common name for a large family of beetles, Tenebrionidae. There are an estimated 20,000 species and they are found all over the world and considered a pest of poultry sheds as they are capable of transmitting poultry diseases and parasites.


  • Darkling beetle can contaminate livestock / chicken feed, as they not only live and feed on animal feed but also in manure or any remaining feed which is mixed with urine and faeces. 
  • Ruin the warehouse structure, buildings or cages. Darkling beetle usually lay eggs under building structure or in building cracks. 
  • Darkling beetle can be a vector disease and source of several diseases agents such as Acute leucosis.


  • Sanitation is the important key. Clean the stool at least once a week and do it more often during rainy season. 
  • Apply Demand 100CS insecticide in the area where darkling beetle usually aggregate.
  • Clean the cracks or crevices around the building if there are any, as darkling beetle might hide in these places. Then treat it with Demand 100CS.