Rodents cause damage and are known for being curious creatures so will explore new areas in the search of food. They're characterized by two continously growing incisors in their upper and lower jaws which must be kept short by gnawing


Rodents cause immense economic losses worldwide by:

  • Consuming, damaging and contaminating food in the field, in storage throughout the food chain and in the home
  • Damaging structures, buildings, bridges, sewers, and cabling etc, by gnawing and burrowing
  • Damaging and contaminating goods such as packaging, clothing, and furniture

Rodents can carry a wide range of organisms that cause illness in humans. These can be transmitted directly by rodents through:

  • Depositing their faeces and urine in the human environment
  • 'Mechanical’ transmission of filth picked up by the rodents
  • Rodent bites - including from rodent pets


Complete rodent control is very difficult. Sanitation is extremely important for any rodent control

  • Removal of vegetation and rubbish from the building and placing them away from the walls will reduce infestation of rodents
  • Food and feed and their remnants should be safely locked away in tightly closed containers to avoid infestation, because theya are attracted by smell
  • Cracks and openings in walls should be quickly closed
Rodent Group Shot